About Spuds and Sill

How the drama society got started in the first place.

There had been much talk among the Swedish Irish community in Stockholm about starting up a drama society, nothing too high brow, but a drama group that anyone with a bit of enthusiasm could join. So in the winter of 2009, Maura Heverin, a new member to the Swedish Irish Society took up the challenge of establishing such a group and the Spuds and Sill Amateur Drama Society was born.

In January 2010, the drama society had recruited a bunch of inexperienced but brave and enthusiastic members and rehearsals got underway in the cellar of an Irish pub in Gamla Stan. Their first production hit the stage in May 2010, with two performances of A Wake in the West, a comedy set in the west of Ireland in the 1980’s. It got a great reception from the Stockholm audiences and so encouraged the drama society to continue in its endeavour to perform Irish drama in Sweden.

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