2011 Don’t Tell the Wife

In March 2011 we put on a 3 act comedy by Sam Cree.

‘Don’t Tell the Wife’ is set in 1960’s Belfast in the Willis household, where Edna Willis is convinced that her plumber husband Bobbie, is interested in another woman; a Catholic! He isn’t, but he does have some secrets of his own. Her attempts to stop him lead to crazy misunderstandings with a sexy French student, a male escort, not to mention…a greyhound called Bridget!

Sam Cree is one of Northern Ireland’s most popular playwrights. Born in 1928, Cree’s comedies have been produced all over the world. His characters are memorable – everyone recognizes his neighbour in them – never themselves of course! Cree wrote scripts for the ‘Carry On’ films in the 60’s & ‘Don’t tell the Wife’ is another of his hilarious comedies!

Poster designed by Tracy Sweeney, www.tracysweeney.com

DTtW 2011 - Poster

The cast of Don't Tell the Wife

DTtW 2011 - Cast - Ensemble

Don't Tell the Wife: Miriam Hill as Edna Willis

DTtW 2011 - Cast - Miriam

Don't Tell the Wife: Niall Balfe as Bobbie Willis

DTtW 2011 - Cast - Niall

Don't Tell the Wife: Dónal Buckley as Cyril Lindsay

DTtW 2011 - Cast - Donal

Don't Tell the Wife: Philip Hale as Basil Charrington

DTtW 2011 - Cast - Phil

Don't Tell the Wife: Ingegerd Andersson as Isobel Tate

DTtW 2011 - Cast - Inger

Don't Tell the Wife: Teresa Ogenstad as Mabel Burgess

DTtW 2011 - Cast - Teresa

Don't Tell the Wife: Aline Hallkvist as Georgette Moureau

DTtW 2011 - Cast - Aline

Don't Tell the Wife: Ciara Mulligan as Hilda Smiley

DTtW 2011 - Cast - Ciara

Don't Tell the Wife: Jim Kelly as Eric Tweedy

DTtW 2011 - Cast - Jim