More About the Play

She Stoops to Conquer contains many of the elements comedies have long made use of, including mistaken identities, the class system and the relationships between servants and masters.

This particular play seems to crystallise all of that. In She Stoops to Conquer, Charles Marlow (played by Gavin Reynolds) and his friend George Hastings (James Mconnell) are travelling to meet Kate Hardcastle (Laura Shanahan), whom it is intended Charles will marry. But Charles is so ill at ease among high-class ladies he cannot speak to them, though he has no such problem with servant women. When the well-bred Kate discovers this she decides to pose as a maid, “stooping to conquer” her man.

But that’s not the only deception in the play. Early on, at an alehouse, The Jolly Three Pigeons, Charles and George encounter Kate’s stepbrother, Tony Lumpkin (Austin Maguire), who plays a joke on them by telling them they are a long way from the Hardcastle home and will have to spend the night at an inn.

Tony is a rogue and devil, the clown of the play. The “inn” he directs them to is, in fact, the Hardcastles’ home. Not knowing this, the two Londoners treat Kate’s father, Mr Hardcastle (Niall Balfe) and the house’s other inhabitants quite disdainfully. Meanwhile, George Hastings has a love of his own to pursue in Constance Neville (Penny Black) – a relationship that proves to have its own complications.

in order of appearance

Mr. Hardcastle – Niall Balfe
Diggory – Kristin Lund
Mrs. Hardcastle – Hilda Newman
Tony Lumpkin – Austin Maguire
Miss Hardcastle – Laura Shanahan
Miss Neville – Penny Black
Landlady – Elva Harpin
Charles Marlow – Gavin Reynolds
George Hastings – James McConnell
Lady Marlow – Kristin Lund


Ben Hugh, Sound and Lighting
Inderjit Singh, Stage Management
Patrick Ryan, Stage Management
Chloe Sindemark, Makeup
Sharzard Rahmani, Makeup
Sofie Collini, Social Media and Web


Teresa Ogenstad
Mirium Hill


Elva Harpin, Director
Jennifer A. Svensson Tovrea,  Assistant Director